Friday, December 19, 2008

12.19.08 Delerious Wish List

This would be my I AM DELERIOUS wish list of dreams. I had to edit some out because Polyvore only allows 50 items per set. Hopefully after this I'll get to posting some works in progress for

My Delerious Wish List by CisforChesney
Click it bitches.

1.Super Blings And Watch Face Plugs
Because I am fucking gawdy, and because I have a secret love affair with cyber punk. Don't tell anyone.

2. Crystal Head Vodka
SKULLS! VODKA! DAN AKROYD!!! The best things in life combined into ONE.

3. A Princess Unicorn Doll
"My horn can pierce the skyyyyy..."

4. To become a Hologram of Misfit.
Preferably Misfit, they had better songs, but the Holograms had better colors and outfits. And you know, light up hologram earrings.

5. A keytar.
I WILL BE THE KEY MASTER ONE DAY. Besides, that's what I'd play in either the Hologram/Misfit band I'm in.

6. Betsey Johnson
I will kidnap her to my humble abode. She will love me because I am awesome, teach me how to sew, and we will make sweet dressy love together. She will hire me as Princess of Betsey Johnson land, where I will be paid handsomely to collaborate on beautiful things, and to wear her fashions. We will eat spaghettios together in pretty dresses and live happily ever after.

Scared anyone yet? Its all downhill from here.

7. (Not pictured) An Affordable, Beautiful Apartment in the NYC
You know, I'd settle for a barely liveable, decently priced apartment in the NYC. I am ready for new adventures. I think this is where my future lies. I am not certain yet. I'm just ready to venture on.

7. A collection of animal skulls from the Rolnick
See, that Betsey Johnson dream isn't as scary now. I can imagine all the magic I could evoke from animal skulls from GOD.

9. Christian Louboutin Ariella studded boots
I have wanted these bitches for 2 years and I still want them. I LOVE YOU, WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!

10. Linda Farrow for Luella Glasses
These are what started my crazy glasses hunt. Still haven't found anything remotely as wonderful. :(

11. A Flying Unicorn
OH NO, is that like crossing the streams? It can't and shouldn't be done?

12. A Pink Typewriter
I blame this on Gala, and on all the fact that I used to play with the typewriter constantly as a little girl.

13. Tarina Tarantino Jewelry
Sparkles + Skulls + Pink Girly Fluffiness = WIN

14.(Not Pictured) A steady job that I actually have some sort of passion for.
I'm not asking for fireworks, I just would like something that would afford me my own place, and yet not make me want to kill myself and become more cynical than I already am.

15. Postal Service actually making the next album and it is amazing. :p

16. A Record Player with a couple Awesome Records
...preferably pink too. :)
Honestly, I feel if I ever got a record player, it would cause an obcession with collecting records that I can not afford, but it's fantasy, so let's play it up.

17. Roller Skates and Ridiculous Seventies Roller Outfit
Not this outfit, but I want a pink, sparkly, knee socked, pink afro-tastic roller disco outfit. Just because.

18. Damien Hirst Diamond Skull
I hate Damien Hirst. And I hate myself for still loving this skull. But I do. GYARG.

19. OhmiBod
Actually, I will probably get this when I have money to spend. Its a vibrator that you use with your iPod that interprets the music through, well, vibration. Its gotten alot of great reviews, and really fun besides. There's even a community for sharing the best playlists. Oooh.

20. Angry Grrl Music makes a Comeback
Seriously, where have all the angry grrls gone? :(

21. All my CDs I let people borrow that I never got back
I'm looking at you, Diane Morales from 6th grade. I want my Tragic Kingdom back. AND YOU GENEVIEVE who has my autographed Poe Hello CD. Those are my formative years on your hands.

22. A Bra Gun That Shoots Lasers
Don't ask.

23. A couple half colourful half sleeves
I want a Degas, and a Klimt. In a perfect world though, I would get the Holograms and the Misfits if I didn't think I'd hate myself for it 50 years down the line...

24. Ukelele
its only befitting. My grandmother used to play the ukulele, now I want to carry on the tradition.

25. Latex Stockings Collection
Without the side anorexia. I know they'd be uncomfortable, but damn, its awesome. All of it. I lust for this collection. Seriously, click the link and check it out. I love it.

What's your fantasy wish list?

Much love and skeletons,



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