Saturday, December 20, 2008

12.20.08 Works In Progess (WIP)

Usually, I can't release most of my work online due to contractual agreements, or because I hate it. Yay temperamental artists! So here's a couple personal things that I haven't yet worked on so much that I can't stand the site of it. Yes, today, I share my eye sores with you!

The best way to work is, naturally, staring at yourself for hours on end.
I'm actually halfway into coloring this (progress here), but I'm not too keen on vector yet. But I love playing with patterns on there. We'll see what happens. Scaled up, I like the line work. I like the basic colors laid down so far. But I hate vector. I hate it. I also hate hair. I have an unnaturally huge disdain for drawing and coloring it. Hopefully by the end of this, I'll have some sort of grasp on vector color.

I am actually back tracking a bit and working on a pirate pin up that I forgot to finish out.

Still in extra rough stages. Basing it on an Elvgren I always loved. I'm not sure how I'm going to color this one yet. I'd like to go back into Corel Painter and see what I can do with it. But I'd moreso like to actually paint it with acrylics. But oh yeah, I'm poor and can't afford canvas or paint. :(

And this-

I've made absolutely no progress on. Because I kind of hate it. But my boy Kyle really likes it, so I'm going to use it as motivation to finish it. I'm looking forward to adding some tattoos in. They're always fun. And if you're thinking that background is are absolutely correct! That's called,"What the fuck do I do with the background? Uhhhhhh here! *plop* It's almost as good as actually finishing it!"

Other things I'm working on are adding new knits and prints to my Etsy store since a couple people bought my scarves and were interested in prints. Here are some scarves (note my white lips. I was sick. Pictures are a bad idea when you are sick). Yeah, teh boring, hoping to work in some hats, wrist bands, and gloves before getting into Etsy. They sell better. And here's an old print I found that I could easily part with. heh. I really don't know where to get decent prints right now though. :/

Also, wouldn't I look fantastically mermaid-ish with aqua hair?!

This is what I do in my spare time, yes. Bad Photoshop masking though, FOR SHAME.

So, I finally updated the blog with what it was intended for. I'M AWESOME.

Much love and skeletons,



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